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A.I.Application Development

While the spread of A.I. is definitely ensured, it is important to introduce strategic applications that utilize it.
We implement A.I. on the latest ICT technology, and develop applications that emphasize easy-to-use UI and simple design.

Website / B.I.System Development

We provide web site creation, renewal to promotion.
For BI (business intelligence) system development, we will respond to systemization proposal, development, operation and maintenance, which accurately grasp the work (domain).

Application Consulting

Application consulting: Application planning consulting, development, maintenance and operation are offered with one stop service.
Today, the speed of business itself has become very fast, we promise speed correspondence and quality with agile method.

Thành tựu

Thành tựu Thời gian Công cụ Kỹ năng
B2C EC Site 3 mon EC-CUBE PHP, MySQL
Recruite Information Site 6 mon Codeigniter PHP, MySQL
Local Information Site 2 mon WordPress, Laravel PHP, MySQL
Stock Management System 10 mon Laravel PHP, MySQL
Data Integration System 4 mon Laravel PHP, MySQL, Excel VBA
Tour Reservation Management System 3 mon Laravel, Swift PHP, MySQL
E-Learning for University 2 mon Moodle PHP, MySQL
Event Receiving System 2 mon Laravel PHP, MySQL
B2B Ordering Management System 6 mon CodeIgniter PHP, MySQL
Medical Material Management and Ordering System 4 mon Laravel PHP, MySQL, Excel VBA
Hospital Information System 1 mon WordPress, Laravel PHP, MySQL, Access
Medical Examination Information Management System 12 mon Laravel PHP, MySQL
KAIGO(Long-Term Care) Recording System Ver.1 8 mon Laravel PHP, MySQL
KAIGO(Long-Term Care) Recording System Ver.2 4 mon Xcode, Django Swift, Python, MySQL

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Tầng4, Tòa nhà Aloha, 68 Hồng Hà.,Phường 2, Quận Tân Bình, TP Hồ Chí Minh
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+84 28.3547.1177 / +84 28.3848.9585
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Nguyen Thi Yen Nhi
Shinji Yamamoto
Takahiro Nomura
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